Ideas to keep bedla belts in place

Dear Daisy,

My belt and skirt do not like one another.  No matter how tightly I put on my bedla belt my skirt starts to creep out from under it as soon as I begin to dance.  I resort to pinning my belt and skirt together for most performances however this takes a long time for costumes changes.  Can you suggest something to help keep my wayward skirts in place?

–          Frustrated

Dear Frustrated,

This is a very common problem especially with satin skirts and other slippery materials.  One quick simple solution is to sew a large (1/2-3/4”) snap to the outside of the front and back of your skirt and the inside of your belt.  This acts like pins however it is much faster to undo and transfer from one skirt to the next when you have quick costume changes.  If your skirts continue to slide try adding snaps at the sides as well, just in front or behind the closures on your belt, even the most slippery fabric should stay in place with four large snaps holding it up.

–          Daisy

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