Accessorise for stage

Dear Daisy

I have several nice costumes but somehow I am never completely satisfied by the results I see on show night.  So I am looking for suggestions on how to give my performance costumes a more professional air.

–          Stageward Bound

Dear Stageward Bound

The simplest way to add professionalism to any outfit on stage night is to accessorise.  Must haves are a Necklace and Earrings but also worth considering are hair accessories like flowers, headbands or scarves.  And in some cases even bracelets, anklets, rings, or feathers can make great additions to your overall costume.  Other things to consider when planning a costume are nail polish, both toes and fingers (even clear can add that little extra finish to your costume.)  Appropriate makeup and false eyelashes can also make a difference.  If you are not sure how to apply proper stage make up consider having a lesson with a professional makeup company.  Also important is to remember to tailor your costume, jewellery, and accessories to the style of dance you are performing and your choice of music.  If you’re not sure what’s appropriate do some research, look at other performers and professionals, or ask your teacher for advice.  An appropriate style of costume, that fits your theme and music, can make a nice performance into an amazing performance.  Whatever style you chose, remember to view your costume as a whole.  A costume is not just a top and skirt; it is everything from whether your hair is up to the colour of the nail polish on your toes.  So be creative, look at the bigger picture and know that with a little hard work you can walk onstage looking your very best.

–          Daisy

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