Best Bra and Bedla Fastners

Dear Daisy,

My bra fastens with hook and eyes and every now and then I am afraid these fastenings let go and leave me in a bit of an embarrassing situation.  Do you have any suggestions for helping make sure that the closures on my bra cannot come un-done?

–          Inadvertently Undressed

Dear Inadvertently Undressed,

There is a very simple solution to this unfortunate situation.   The most common reason for hook and eyes to let go when dancing is that in twisting and turning your body becomes smaller than it was when you hooked your bra up letting the hook and eyes push apart.  To prevent this from happening you will need to place a large snap behind the hook and eye fastening on the inside of your bra band where the two layers overlap.  This snap (use a big one, say 1/4 -1/2”) will stop your bra strap from moving in and out with the movement of your chest making sure that the hook and eyes stay firmly where they were intended to be.  This also works very well on belts or skirts that fasten with hook and eyes and do not like to stay done up.

–          Daisy

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