Flattering the unsymmetrical figure

Dear Daisy,

I am narrow shouldered, not well endowed, with lots of hip happening.   This causes me some problems when costume shopping, as many costumes are not flattering and simply accentuate my imbalances.  Do you have any suggestions on costume styles that would flatter my unique figure?

–          Ms. Unbalanced

Dear Ms. Unbalanced,

When looking at costumes there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Anything with sleeves especially flowing, puff or cape sleeves that are big right from the shoulder will be more flattering on you than just a Bra.  Even an open front or Turkish vest will help give you more up top especially if worn with drape sleeves or arm bands.
  2. Consider getting a bra or top that has some fringe or movement, or consider purchase a bra that is one cup size up from your normal size and have it professionally stuffed to fit you.  This will add a little more curves to the top of your costume and help draw the eye upwards.
  3. Try wearing larger than normal necklaces and earrings, as this can also help to balance the overall effect of your costume by drawing the eye up.
  4. When looking for skirts, try to get something with long lines and hem embroidery.   Go for a snugger fit at the hips and looser lower down staying away from big Gyspy skirts or anything with a lot of bulk or fringe at the hip as these will add width.
  5. When wearing a bedla try to match your belt and skirt colours or choose a skirt and sleeve colour lighter than your belt as this will help eliminated the horizontal belt-line effect that draws the eye to your hips.
  6. If you are going for a baladi dress get one with big sleeves and a straight skirt.  Consider something in a natural colour, maybe with vertical stripes to slim your hips.  Then go super bright with lots of fringe and glitz on your Bra.

There are lots of costume options out there for women with this figure type just remember to accent the top and minimize the bottom and you will get that overall balanced effect that is so pleasing on stage.

–          Daisy

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