How to properly fit a Bedla

Dear Daisy,

I am looking at purchasing a new Bedla and am wondering if you have any advice on finding the perfect fit?

–          Costume Shopper

Dear Costume Shopper,

The number one most important thing when buying a bedla is cup size.  Everything else on the bra can be altered to fit you with relative ease, cup size is much harder and much more expensive to adjust.  When ordering something online remember it is easier to make something smaller than to make it bigger.  If the cup size is a little roomy it is easy to add a little padding and voila, instant fit.  To make a cup larger is often extremely expensive and never gives the same perfect lines as an unaltered original.  The belt is also much simpler to make smaller.  Often there is lots of room to overlap the sides without losing the basic shape of the belt while adding extensions can be very expensive or impossible depending on the belt style.

Remember that many tailors do not understand the fit of this specialized garment, so If you need alterations once you have your new costume, make sure to take it to a professional who understands how belly dance costumes are supposed to fit.   After all your comfort and security on stage are the most important thing.

–          Daisy

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