How to clean dance practice wear

Dear Daisy,

I have lots of lovely new practice clothes for the new dance season.  They always look so great for a few months however then the elasticity starts to go and they get pilled and old looking.  Do you have any suggestions to keep them looking new a little longer.

–          Fashionable for now

Dear Fashionable for now,

The most common cause for the loss of elasticity in both spandex and lycra practice wear is putting them in the dryer.  You should always wash your practice wear separate from your normal laundry as many stretch fabrics especially nylon mixes will pill if washed with cotton.  Also many stretch fabrics can only be washed in cold water on gentle.  Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for laundering practice wear; however, you should never machine dry stretch fabric even if the tag says it is safe to do so.  Machine drying can substantially shorten the life span of the elasticised fibres.

–          Daisy

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