How to Accessorize for Dance

Dear Daisy

I keep getting told to accessories more when I do solos and was wondering if you have some favourite accessory tips you could share with me.

–          Miss Plain


Dear Miss Plain,

I love accessories; they finished off a costume and give you that polished professional touch.


My number one favourite accessories are jewellery.  Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hair clips being just a few examples of great items to add to your costume.


Let’s look at a few of them:


Necklaces and Earrings are pretty much a given for me no matter what style of costume I am wearing.  You can keep them small and simple or go for big and dramatic depending on the styling of your costume and the mood of your dance.  I personally believe that as a soloist your costume is simply not complete without at least one of the two, and usually both.


Many full Oriental or Cabaret costumes come with gauntlets, armbands or sleeves so you don’t need bracelets with these costumes.  However many tribal costumes and often bedla sets with a detached skirt do not have such accessories of their own and can be enhanced by appropriate arm jewelry.  Just remember to keep in mind what props you might be using and if you are doing veil, fan veil, or have chiffon or silk skirts don’t wear anything that could catch on the delicate fabrics.


Hair accessories can be tons of fun for a soloist.  Some costumes come with head bands which may or may not flatter your hair style; I often do not wear these as I don’t find they complement my personal style.  If you decide not to wear one or your costume does not come with any hair accessories you can choose from a vast array of alternate options.  For example, flowers, feathers, and rhinestones all come on varying size clips made for different types of hair.  And whether your hair is up, down or half way there is always something fun you can add to give that final little polish to your look.


Experiment and have some fun dressing up in different options before show day.  See what goes well with your personal style and the style of your dance.  Whatever you decide you don’t want any last min surprises on show day so make sure to wear all your accessories to the dress rehearsal, or practice with them on your own before the show, just to make sure they all stay put and don’t interfere with your dancing.

–          Daisy

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