Beading Thread Options

Dear Daisy,

I have a very nice costume set from Egypt, however it is older and some of the beads are starting to come undone.  Do you have a suggestion on thread to use for repairs?  I have used regular thread in the past and had unfortunate results so am looking for a tougher alternative.

–          Miss Beadless

Dear Miss Beadless,

There are many kinds of thread out there made especially for beading; however, I use synthetic, unbreakable, outdoor, upholstery thread.  It is strong enough to withstand the most energetic dance moves and will not breakdown with sweat the way that cotton thread or some non-outdoor upholstery threads will.  Also it is readily available at all fabric stores and sail shops, and comes in a myriad of colours perfect for all your costuming needs.

–          Daisy

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