Dance Bag Essentials

Dear Daisy,

I recently decided that I am in need of a bag of essential items, to take with me when I go somewhere to perform, and was wondering if you have a list of packable “can’t live with-outs?”

–          Prepared


Dear Prepared,

Yes, absolutely, I have a handy little bag of essential items I take with me to every show.  Here is a quick run-down of what I stow in my bag when I go out to dance:


Costume Emergency items:

–          Static Guard (a must have if you use chiffon or silk)

–          Clear Nail Polish (great for stopping fraying or runs in knit fabrics)

–          Safety Pins, large and small (we all know what these are for)

–          Clear Bra Straps (backups in case one of mine ever breaks)

–          Mini sewing kit (including button thread and mini scissors)


Personal Emergency items:

–          Cover-up (a veil can work in a pinch if you don’t have an actual cover-up)

–          Hand Mirror

–          Towel

–          Foot Undies (in case of carpet or rubber flooring)

–          Makeup  (for touch ups, including eyelash glue and lipstick)

–          Bobby pins and hair spray (for those emergency hair moments)

–          Pain killer

–          Granola Bar or protein shake (for when the adrenaline starts to wear off)

–          Water Bottle (I like the refillable kind so I always have something to drink)

–          Back up copy of music (in case of technical difficulties)


I like to keep most of these items packed into a dance bag that I can grab and go, knowing I have everything I need without the stress of having to pack every time I perform.
For me performing should be as fun and stress free as possible and with a little pre-planning your show day can run smoothly allowing you to forget the little things and dance to your full potential.

–          Daisy

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