Flattering the short curvy figure

Dear Daisy,

I am very short with luxurious curves and am having trouble finding costumes that really flatter my figure.  Do you have any suggestions that might help me look my best?

–          Ms. Curvy

Dear Ms. Curvy,

Do not despair; there are lots of costumes that look good on your figure.  The trick is to remember a few very simple rules.

#1:  Avoid heavy fringe, it is not your friend.

I’m not saying “No Fringe” just keep it moderate.  Super heavy or long fringe will accent your curves and minimize the length of your torso making you look shorter and wider.  If you have a short torso as many curvy women do, then long heavy fringe is the fastest way to a costume disaster.

#2:  Always keep it simple.

You have the curves already you don’t need to overdo it to make yourself look luscious.  Those of us whom nature shorted need the help but you can keep it simple with nice clean lines to show off what you’ve already got.

#3: Long lines are the key to giving you that added illusion of height.

Dresses, and slim or no sleeves are a great way to keep lines long.  Don’t think this means you have to go tight, just keep skirts a single length, preferably to the floor and don’t forget that full length costumes always help to give someone height as they do not cut you across the middle the way a bra and belt do.

So happy costume shopping, and if you keep these rules in mind I’m sure you will find plenty of costumes that make you look your best.

–          Daisy

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