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  1. Over Bust
    Place your measuring tape under the arms and around the chest above the breasts, making sure the persons arms are at their sides and not raised up in the air. Draw the measuring tape snug then make sure that the person can still breathe normally before you write down the final number.
  2. Bust
    Measure around the fullest part of the breasts making sure to keep the measuring tape level do not let the measuring tape slip higher or lower at the back than it is in the front.
  3. Chest
    Place the measuring tape around the chest directly below the person’s breasts. Again make sure that when you draw the measuring tape snug it does not restrict breathing.
  4. Waist
    This measurement is taken at the natural waist which is the narrowest part of the torso and falls between the bellybutton and the lowest ribs. Note this is not where you wear your pants and skirts, this is your actual waist. Sometimes it helps to wrap a string around the natural waist to help determine where the narrowest point is.
  5. Upper Hip
    Measure the upper hip around the hip bones, just below or on where you would normally wear a low ride pant or skirt.
  6. Low Hip
    This is measured around the fullest/largest part of the hips, usually 8”- 9” below the actual waist. Make sure the measuring tape lays flat around the hips and over the bottom and does not tip up or down in the front or back.
  7. Back Length
    Measure from the last vertebra in the neck to the natural waist line; remember this is not where you wear your pants. It sometimes helps to tie a belt or piece of string around the natural waistline while measuring as this gives you a visual reminder of where the waist line really is.
  8. Girth
    Measure around the body by going over one shoulder through between the legs and then back over the shoulder to your starting point.
  9. Inseam
    Measure from the crotch seam of your body suit or jazz shorts to just below the bottom of the ankle bone.
  10. Skirt length
    Measure from the waist as above to the floor for floor length or to the desired height of your skirt hem for all other lengths.
  11. Sleeve
    Measure from the point of the shoulder to the wrist along the outside of the arm with the elbow bent. This ensures the sleeve will be long enough when moving as well as when standing still.